What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

Since people often associate car problems with having to spend a lot of money, it’s normal to be less than thrilled when any type of issue comes up. However, you shouldn’t let any negative feelings you experience prevent you from addressing the problem. In fact, the biggest mistake that people make is putting off dealing with an issue. Because most issues only get worse with time, ignoring one is an almost guaranteed way to end up paying more to repair it.

Understanding What Your Check Engine Light Means

One issue that far too many people initially avoid is dealing with their check engine light. Even though this indicator generally remains visible and may even make a sound, people often think it’s something they can ignore. Although that may be true in a small percentage of cases, there’s generally a reason that this signal comes on inside of a car.

Given that the engine is one of the key components of a vehicle, it’s not difficult to understand why you don’t want to let an engine fall into disrepair. When it comes to the check engine light, it’s important to know the two forms it may take. If the light comes on but remains steady, the problem isn’t pressing. That being said, scheduling an appointment with a certified mechanic as soon as possible is a wise decision.

The other form the check engine light may take is as a blinking indicator. When this light blinks, it generally indicates that the vehicle’s engine misfired in a way that allowed unburned fuel to enter the exhaust system. Since that can quickly lead to costly catalytic converter damage, you should try to get off the road immediately and then call for car repair right away.

Dealing with a Non-Blinking Check Engine Light

While a non-blinking check engine light will always look the same, this indicator can actually be associated with a range of different issues. The way the specific issue is identified is that an auto technician can use a special device to read the code and let you know what it means. Although this code will provide insight into what’s going wrong, fully fixing the problem generally requires a technician to test part of the engine.

If you want to work with a service provider you can trust to take care of this issue correctly, Hawk’s Auto is here to help. When you contact us, you can be confident that your problem will be serviced properly and at a fair price. And since we are a complete car service provider, we are always happy to help with any car maintenance needs you may have with your vehicle.

April 24, 2015
BY Joe Hawk